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Child CustodyThe practice area of Child Custody can be a delicate area, and the last thing you need is to be unsure about what is happening with your case. Along with my trained family law staff, as your San Antonio Attorney I will keep you informed throughout the legal process. My goal is to lessen your emotional burden instead of adding to your stress. I use straight forward language to explain the entire custody process.

A Parenting Plan is established during a divorce to assist in the delegation of certain expectations from each parent. This includes time sharing and responsibilities such as which parent will take the children to the doctor, who will pay child support etc.. Even though after the divorce the parties will be living separately, both parents will be involved in major decision making involving the children except in rare circumstances.

Certain factors guide the court, such as:

Are both parents mentally stable?
Who provides day-to-day care for the child?
How is the current time sharing agreement working?
How involved with the children have the parents historically been during the marriage?

Texas custody law puts the best interest of the children first. At the same time, the legal factors involved can be complex. I use a detailed, compassionate approach to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Children with Special Needs

Much of my custody practice involves representing parents of children with special needs. As a parent of a special needs teen, I know where you have been and bring a special level of understanding and competence to your case.

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