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Mediation is one way you and the other party can settle your disputes outside of court. Marvel Law Group offers mediation services to help clients resolve a range of issues from divorce to child custody to child support. Marvel Law Group has the depth of knowledge necessary to understand your needs and goals – and how to work towards them.

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What Is Mediation?

It is a confidential dispute resolution method for parties to discuss an agreement for all their disputes, such as: 

  • Ending marriage and division of property;
  • Custody and parenting plan;
  • Modifications;
  • Support; 

It can last for one or several sessions and is facilitated by a trained third-party mediator, whose primary responsibility is to help the parties reach a decision that is in the best interest of themselves and their children. The mediator will also write down the terms of the final agreement to submit to the court for approval.

It can also be mandated in many counties and is expected in almost all others. A good mediator saves you time, money, and anxiety.


There are several reasons mediation might be a favorable option. Some advantages of mediation include:

  • Confidentiality – Trial is a public record, whereas mediation occurs in privately-held sessions with your mediator.
  • Decision-making authority – Only you and the other party have the power to make decisions, as opposed to an impersonal judge making default decisions. 
  • Control over the outcome – You and the other party have more control over the outcome than in trial, as you are the ones setting the terms of your agreement.
  • Communication-building strategies – You and the other party can develop communication strategies that may help you resolve future disputes that crop up. 
  • Relationship preservation – The damage done in a trial when both parties testify and mudsling cannot be undone. Mediation keeps you out of the arena and allows you to possibly preserve and improve your relationship.
  • Cost-efficiency and time-efficiency – Mediation is less expensive and less drawn out than a traditional trial, saving you time and money.

Marvel Law Group will be part of your team in your mediation. The firm will deftly guide your conversation to ensure you have a productive, cooperative discussion to shape a favorable outcome for both you and your children. 

Additionally, Marvel Law Group provides professional mediation services informed by decades of experience. 

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