In Texas, Can my ex deny visitation because i'm behind on child support?

In Texas, a custodial parent cannot legally deny visitation to the non-custodial parent solely because the non-custodial parent is behind on child support payments. The state of Texas maintains a clear separation between visitation rights and child support obligations.

However, if a non-custodial parent is significantly behind on child support payments, the custodial parent may seek legal remedies through the appropriate channels, such as enforcing the child support order through the Texas Attorney General's Child Support Division. This can involve actions such as wage garnishment, seizing tax refunds, or even pursuing contempt of court charges against the non-paying parent.

Nevertheless, visitation rights should not be withheld as a form of punishment for non-payment of child support. If the custodial parent denies visitation in retaliation for missed child support payments, the non-custodial parent may have legal recourse to enforce their visitation rights through the family court system.

Both parents are encouraged to adhere to court orders regarding child support and visitation and to seek legal assistance from a local San Antonio Lawyer if they encounter issues with either aspect of the custody arrangement.

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