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When I handle your divorce &/or custody matters I will look at every type of custody arrangement with the goal of making the most appropriate agreement for your family that also takes into account the best interest of the children, I address all concerns because the family court will have the same questions when deciding whether to accept and grant a custody agreement, modification request and decree. This may include:

Joint Managing Conservatorship (Joint Custody): This approach is presumed by Texas courts, and it allows both parents to have both physical and decision making responsibilities. I will help you negotiate and draft a visitation or time sharing schedule that evaluates how much involvement each parent would like and is capable of taking into account job obligations, travel as well as new spouses and children.

Sole custody: If it is determined that one parent is unfit or an actual, physical danger to the child I will help you petition for primary physical custody and decision making responsibilities.

I will also explore decisions concerning education, healthcare, religion and other fundamental concerns. I will make sure each parent understands who will have the children for certain holidays, vacations and days of special meaning, such as birthdays.

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